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$225 up to 8 HRS
20ft  x 20ft
The Joust Ring comes with 2 padded Joust poles
and padded pedestals.  A great idea for
the "slightly" older party!
Joust Ring
$225 up to 8 HRS
Two Lane Bungee Run
30ft L x 8ft W x 7ft H
The Two Lane Bungee Run is great for
events where a competitive game is
needed. It comes with 2 harnesses,
batons and bungee cords.
$400 up to 8 HRS
Dual Lane Obstacle Course
73ft L x 13ft W x 20ft H
This Obstacle Course is designed for extreme fun!
The participants enter the course in the Jungle
castle. They run across the castle and exit the
side wall to encounter multiple obstacles to go
over and under. The climb up the slide is next
and slide down the far side!
A great dual lane competition course!
$225 4 HRS -- $250 8 HRS
5 in 1 Safari Combo
18ft L x 17ft W x 17ft H
Kids will have a blast navigating through 4
different obstacles in addition to playing in
the bounce area. Inside the bounce, they can
jump or shoot hoops! The climb to top of the
14ft slide is next with a slide to the bottom
on a 50 degree sliding angle!
$240 4 HRS -- $275 8 HRS
70ft Obstacle Course
Click photo to see inside
Our 70ft Backyard Obstacle Course is loaded with
9 different obstacles! Navigate through 3 obstacles
down the right side, turn left where you will find
3 more obstacles in the tunnel! Another left turn and
you face 3 more obstacles and then the ladder to the
16 ft slide. Once at the top, you face a 50 degree
sliding angle to reach the bottom!
$350 up to 8 HRS
18ft Slide and Castle Combo
46ft L x 13ft W x 21ft H
This is a great combo unit for those parties when you
can't decide if you want a slide or a bounce house.  This
unit has a 13ft x 13ft castle attached to an 18ft slide.
The top of the castle turrets are an amazing 21ft tall!
$95 up to 8 HRS
12ft L x 12ft W x 8ft H
The game is a real "hit" at parties. You can run a
contest to see who score the most home runs.
The winners can then be awarded a party prize!
The kids will line up for this game.
$95 up to 8 HRS
Floating Air Relay
12ft L x 12ft W x 8ft H
This old party favorite has a new twist. The balls are
held aloft by a stream of air coming through the top of
the cones. Two players race to see who can drop their
game ball into the basket at the end.
$95 up to 8 HRS
Sports Arena
Our sports arena will be a great addition to your event!
This unit has interchangeable panels so that you may
choose Baseball, Football, or Soccer.  A Radar Gun is
supplied so your players can track their expertise!
$225 up to 8 HRS
Basketball hoops
The Basketball hoop unit is extremely popular!
Unit is delivered with 4 basketballs to keep
the action moving!
18ft T x 13ft W x 15ft L
$225 4 HRS -- $250 8 HRS
Balloon 5 N 1 Combo
18ft T x 17ft W x 17ft L
A brand new addition to the Funtime inventory.
This beautiful piece will delight your children.  This unit,
like the Safari 5 N 1 has a bounce area, hoops, obstacles,
and a 14ft slide.  All in the same unit!