Wet Slides
Dry Slides
33ft L x 15ft W x 24ft H
24 Ft. Dual Lane Slide
$400 up to 8 HRS
The 24' Dual Lane Slide is a screamer! Kids love
it!. It works great for larger events because of
the side exits. Children enter the front and exit
the sides. It is easier to monitor your crowd flow.
This slide is an amazing 24ft tall!
An awesome water slide with hills and thrills on
each 24ft sliding lane!  Dual sliding lanes allows
the children to slide side by side into the pool at
the end.  A sure hit for any party!
Rip & Dip
$275 up to 8 HRS
34ft L x 11ft W x 18ft H
18ft Slide Castle Combo
$350 up to 8 HRS
46ft L x 13ft W x 21ft H
This is a great Moonwalk Obstacle Course for those
parties when you can't decide if you want a slide or
a bounce house. This unit has a 13ft x 13ft castle
bounce. The castle is attached to a large slide. The
children exit the side of the castle directly into to
the ladder area of the slide. They climb to the top of
the slide which is about 16ft and then slide down the
other side. The top of the castle turrets are 21ft tall!
This piece looks great because it is so tall!
Dual Lane Slip & Slide w/pool
$250 up to 8 HRS
35ft L x 9ft W x 10ft H
Kids will have a blast slipping and sliding down
2 lanes of fun and then landing in the pool at
the end!  You can add a little baby shampoo for
a real crazy
"slip and suds" treat. 
18ft Slide
$225 up to 8 HRS
24ft L x 13ft W x 18ft H
This a great medium size slide for all
ages! The sliding angle is not as steep as
the smaller 16 ft slide below. Children
like to roll as well as slide down this one!
Super Splash Down
$275 up to 8 HRS
33ft L x 10ft W x 18ft H
The Super Splashdown is another great water slide!
This slide can be reserved with a large
sliding / landing area or a pool. The entrance
and slide area is on the front of this slide. It makes
it easier to monitor and take pictures of the children
as they slide onto the landing area or into a pool
Splash Down
$250 up to 8 HRS
32ft L x 9ft W x 16ft H
The "Splash Down" slide is a sure way to cool
off during the hot summer days! Climb up the
backside and slide down into a 2ft deep pool
of cool relaxing water. Reserve yours now!
Jump & Splash
$300 up to 8 HRS
27ft L x 17ft W x 18ft H
This great new piece provides a bouncer and
water slide together in one piece! Children can play
in the bouncer, climb up the ladder and push off
onto the 32'sliding lane whipping around a 90 turn
and splashing down into the pool! This exciting piece
has a specially built heavy duty non skid material on
the entrance ramp and on the entire jumping mattress
to help reduce slipping. The 15'L x 10'W bouncer has
basketball hoop on the inside. Reserve yours today!
16ft Slide & Castle Combo
$300 up to 8 HRS
32ft L x 12ft W x 16ft H
The castle/Moonwalk slide combo unit will be a
MEGA hit at your event! Kids love this double
inflatable. Easy access between both units is a plus.
A safety wall separates the slide from bouncer.
16ft Slide
$200 up to 8 HRS
20ft L x 12ft W x 16ft H
This 16ft slide is small enough for almost
any backyard yet big enough for incredible
fun! When you need a slide for the young
ones, this unit works great!
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Blue Crush Water Slide
$600 up to 8 HRS
65ft L x 20ft W x 27ft H
This water slide is INSANE!  Our largest, fastest and
most radical water slide is brand new to the market.
An incredible 70 degree sliding angle, from 27ft feet,
propels you into a horizontal slip and slide for an
additional 26 feet ending with a splash in the pool!
None other like it!  Reserve yours today for an incredible
party next spring or summer. RESERVE TODAY